Saturday, 23 October 2010

Alriwaq's Doodle-fest [ review ]

The gallery took place last sunday the 17th of October 2010.
when i got there at about 7:45 , the place was already packed and people were doodling everywhere and most of the spaces were already felled.
The organisers showed a good job at sorting out the place, paintings and invitation too.
On the other hand, people seemed happy and enjoying their time , taking , discussing and also drawing.
These pictures were taken at the night of the event:

i had one of my paintings there

Moments with Mr. Mohammed Cartoon

My friend hamed admiring the Pac man artwork in the toilet

mahmood is doing the same too ;)

Maha as drawn by Mr. Cartoon

trying to imitate my character in my drawing

Mr. Sharkawi with his cartooni drawing by Mr. Cartoon.

The amazing abstract artist Mr. Zuhair with his painting

now he is posing !

last but not least the toilet artwork appreciation.

Thank you for passing by .

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wish you all a wonderful day