Thursday, 16 December 2010

Chilling Out !

Yesterday i had the pleasure of meeting up with my Dear Friends Intel and Rayen with the crew.
We did chat about bahrain's art scene and different projects including exhibitions , and videos of artist interviewed and captured doing murals in both collaborative and solo work.

We exchanged a lot of information, locally and internationally about the different scenes mostly here and Philippines, and it surprising to know all about the art movement there.

These are pictures from the gathering.

check these stickers out, fresh sticker designs from the Philippines , done by one of Intel's friends.

If your Based in Bahrain or the Middle East and want to contribute then please email me on :

The Aim is to boost the scene and make the middle east more colorful for us and everyone else here.

Check out intel's  awesome photography art on :

For more information please visit :

wish you all a wonderful day/evening