Friday, 3 December 2010

Sneaky Sketches

These are sketches i managed to do through the last few days.
Ive been staying in an in-stay college [ military type ] and managed to sneak in a sketch book.
these sketches been done in law classes ( which is the only time possible to do any sketches ).

these are few scans i managed to upload now:

this character is a concept from an upcomming comic been writing now for a while called Children of the Moon

Greek and Religious referenced Character Alexander the great rough sketch from mind..i think he looks different but i like the horns concept

another armoured character from the comic , these characters always wear these human shaped armours with gears and patterns attached to their back giving them aura looking [ they are called Ouras ] 

a rough sketch for a painting... since i cannot paint as often , i draw sketches mostly and maybe base some painting on them

having fun with pencil and ink... i think he looks more regional 

well thank you everyone for passing by

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