Saturday, 8 January 2011

Duabi ( the search for Galleries )

This is more of a dairy for the last visit to dubai. unlike most of the visits this one was focused on getting to galleries and contacting artists/ galleries. My Buddy Huvil was With me backpacking .

On the first day we arrived in the afternoon. and after a long journey food is a must. So, we went to this Lebanese Restaurant which decoration was so Hip and artistic . it had Old arabic cartoons and famous iconic imagery from the middle east on the wallpaper. Moreover, there were lot of cans and products used as decoration on the shelves of that store. the lamps were designed as shumakhs ( an arabic head-wear).

check out these pics :

Later on I went to visit all the galleries in DIFC and these are some pictures for random materials:

The most interessting pieces i saw were for a Turkish artist called : Verim Erbil 

after roaming around for hours Huvil decided to lay down in front of DIFC gate, its then when i sketched him.

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