Sunday, 3 April 2011


Hello Everyone !
My friend Joy is working on a New Project that Exhibit and Auction artwork to raise money and Aid Japan . This is a post taken from Test space that explains the Event, which some of my friends and me have participated in:

[[[In the wake of the recent disaster in Japan, a community of local artists and promoters from all over Yorkshire have been moved to work together in order to raise money and awareness to support the people most affected by one of the biggest earthquakes in the history of our planet.

How does Ink For Aid work?
A group of over 100 artists both locally and internationally are working on submitting pieces of art to the project. We will then hold a live auction event in Leeds at the end of April 2011. Artwork will also be sold online and in local art stalls. All profits will go towards the crisis in Japan.
For more info, contact Joy Gilleard or Gemma Gilleard at The Beating Arts and please pass this message on.
Join the Facebook group and keep eye’s peeled for date’s, more info on the event and deadline’s for submissions.]]]

My Piece in the Event is this one here , which is Red Oriented Heart from [ thus with faith hearts become more beautiful ]
this piece is a mixed media having Digital and painting with out line layered and scanned few time.

I hope more artist can participate to aid and also make people in need smile and help to stand up again on their feet.
Thank you visitors for your precious time.
Have a good morning/evening
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