Saturday, 14 May 2011

Interview With BTV

Yesturday The Crew [Mythicolo-G] and I had an exclusive interview with bahrain TV. The reporter had our latest graffiti in it and while. The interview highlighted some brief question and answers about:
  • History of our work and team
  • Problems faced
  • Our message
The interview should be broadcasted Next Sunday on TV, and also uploaded to our Youtube channel.
    These are Pictures from out latest work:

    This Piece was mainly about Respect and Positivity.
    for full preview please click on the picture

    This is my part of the graffiti , the guy with the Lotus
    and wordings of an arabic quote :
    Thus shall be forgiven by the one in the sky, "Those who have mercy on whose on ground"
    its more to do with humbleness i thought and being respectful to things from earth.
    once that trust and morals are achieved you become respected.

    Now i leave you with pictures from the interview :

    All pictures were shot by : Leon D. (photography)

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