Friday, 9 September 2011

Graffing with Sya and Bow

About 3 weeks ago i planned a trip to visit Dubai and the U.K. and do murals and meet artists.
In Dubai i met one of the most awesome Graffiti couples in the middle east [ SYA and BOW ].
and did a piece in a massive legal wall located in the Festival City.

When we painted it was like 43 degrees and we painted from 4:00 - 7:30 in Ramadan . It was quite a challenge .

I made a Quick Video having everyone painting just here :

These are pictures from the final piece :

If incase anyone intends to paint there , then they should go to marina centre on Jumirah road
and in that gift shop in the picture they will find the cans... they are expensive thought about 60 Derhams about 9 british pounds each, or simply do it with cheap can from construction stores .

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