Monday, 24 October 2011

Graffiti In Bristol

This is a Graffiti Piece ive done in Bristol a while back on my summer break

It was done on this Garage door which belongs to a refugee centre .

the wording is a sentence i wrote in arabic which says :

ستمي قلوبنا الصافية تجمعنا حتى لو اختلفت اشكالنا

Which is :
Our pure hearts would bring us together even if our looks are differ .

I thought it would be nice to have it in a town where there lots of people with different backgrounds living together .

That is a picture for the place from Google map before i painted that garage :

these two pictures are for the piece done with the calligraphy in the middle :

it was quiet a challenge cause i had to paint it within less than a day including getting the paint and getting the coach to catch my flight the next morning, but was all fun.

big thanks to that Graffiti shop [ King of Paint ] for being a great help .
and also for Chris Chalkley from [ Peoples Republic of Stocks Croft ] , who helped to get the permission and contacting everyone else .

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