Thursday, 5 April 2012

" I am the Other "

Hello everyone !

well this " used to be "  abandoned building is where the " Other" exhibition took place.
and this building with the bikes is Bohemia.

On the ground floor is the smart piece of Nada Alaaradi

and attached to these aps small metal plates that made sound , pretty interesting devices by Hasan Hujairi

Miss Tamadher Ali working live on her Graffiti " الشعب يريد " 

Thats her with some friends , including ShaXdow , Dallal and Sabeeka Alshamlan 

Among the audience were the Three coolest dudes in town from the Unknown X skaters

Miss Perryhan with her fabulous painting.

This is Mr. Alaa Ghawas Posing in fornt of my Piece trying to imitate it 

Maysam Alnaser and Friends infront of the piece i drew

Friends with my piece at the middle.

and people interacting with the piece

And this is Mr. Illuveda with his fiancée next to it 

Tala Bashmi with her piece and space

This is Huvil with his Fiancée Sara on the opening night.

Pictures of Visitors posing in front of the other wall at the Second Floor.

These were Naders photographs on the third floor 

These are snaps for the Roof and the Boat with the flag is Mo. Redha's 

At Riwaqs Artspace there was Mr. Sharkawi with his awesome minimal colorful paintings 

Thanks for passing by