Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Sharjah Visit

Not too far back i wanted to escape Bahrain and look for something new and inspiring, artistically and atmospherically too , therefore i decided to go to Emirates. Rather than going to Dubai i decided to visit my friends in sharjah this time and see what Sharjah is all about.

I have always heard about Sharjah's big museums and tourist attractions and that attracted me the most.
When i went there i found out that Museums close earlier and at totally different timings than the ones listed on their website or on the answering machine in the Month of Ramadan.
However, i was lucky enough to see the Art museum and the House of Calligraphy with my dear talented friends , Ibrahem [ Saint Max ] and Ehab [ Ehabation ].

Pictures from My Sharjah Visit:

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