Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Art debate in kuwait

An artistic friend from kuwait ( Shahad Bishara invited me to a session in kuwait contemporary art museum regarding graffiti wither its vandilisim or art a week ago . 

The seasion was very interesting ... I have to honestly say the presentation wasnt as strong, because the guy who prepared it related graffiti to rebilion generally and used micheal angelos statue of david as an example of rebillion existence through history using art. Nevertheless, people feed back to thia whole graffiti and public art was mainly positive. What made a lot of diffrence is witnessing people acceptance to thos whole movement especially in the middle-east.

I believe we shouldnt caregorize ourselves and relate to this whole western movement , with all respect. Our back ground is diffrent but we should embrace thia common love to muralisim and work together to make it a strong scene.

In the debate i met some talented young artists  who had a great finger print in directing the debate and relating their life style to that of the community, such as:

- alitwo_

- Nizzy7th

- visualtherapy 

- thesword_crew

Follow them on insta....

And last but not least i leave you with pictures.

Have a wonderful day folks.