Saturday, 25 January 2014

To the Arabian Street

i met two guys through a good friend of mine, Melchior and Quentin, min Who are interested in documenting the art movement in the gulf , The " Urban Art " specifically. I was amazed to see people taking the initiative to contact and be with the artist in the scene face to face rather than hear about them and cover stories through the internet or repeating the same ( BIG SHOT ARTISTS) in books such as Arabic Graffiti.

These guys didn't just listen to artists stories and back grounds , but also tried to solve the puzzle of how art is blooming and slowly building and reaching the surrounding as it as widely seen in commercial , urbanscape, architecture and fashion all around the middle east.

Check out their Blog on the following link and support by following up and spreading the word

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Below is one of the videos , featuring my buddys Ali and Ulafaa

i leave you now with this video :