Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Aramco's Ramadan Festival [1]

Has been commissioned along with my crew buddies ( Mythicolo-G ) to paint a massive wall in Aramco's Ramadan Show.  these are regular updates including picture of activities and sites through the journey.

we stayed in the holiday inn hotel and were later taken later to the exhibition site where all painters, calligraphers and activities are.
along with all the art activities there were big celebrties, like actors from { bab el harah : an arabic famous show } .

these are pictures from the exhibition/activities area:

the first wall was 30 meters wide 

supprisingly, we met artists from Jeddah and they were about 12 artists. they were pretty talented and friendly ^^

We also encountered guys from the east side of Saudia they were also enthusiastic and curious about new forms of graffiti and new knowledge, probably cause its material and meetings like these are extremly rare in the middle east.

artists were showing materials from their sketchbooks also and talking about the wall.

this is an insight for one of the art tents, it was like an amazing portable exhibition with tonnes of talents from the region .

artists are talking in these halls and also sharing experience 

our friend haidar al-zaid check out his work :

thats his piece 

now the guys were preparing to head back home

and before that NOOS gives a pose !

and an end of day ! back to the hotel 

keep an eye on more news ;) ill keep on posting