Sunday, 8 August 2010

Taa2 shabaab [ Mess Exhibition ]

the big graffiti piece has finally been displayed in the Exhibition [ foutha ] which means [ Chaos ] .
it has been organised by Tashkeel . 

the show took place in Bahrain's Art centre , which is located between the national museum and marina club .

this picture is for the whole piece ( done by Leon D. , Huvil , Eluminatus , and Mohd Cartoon )

and this is my part of the whole piece :

Happy pictures for me , huvil and eliminatus and some friends :

and cause our crew is cool the minister of media came to see our work ofcourse !

and we all had a group picture with tashkeel the minister the famouse director dude and her minions ofcourse ^_^ ! 

thank you for visiting , wish you a wonderful day.